5502A Multi-Product Calibrator

  • Calibrates a wide variety of electrical test
  • equipment up to 5.5 DMM
  • Basic V dc accuracy 50 ppm
  • Voltage 1020V
  • Current 20.5A
  • Optional oscilloscope calibration to 600 MHZ
  • Clamp meters calibration up to 1000A DC/AC (with Fluke 5500A/COIL)

5080A High Compliance Multi-Product Calibrator

  • Calibrates a wide workload, including analog meters and 3.5 and 4.5 digit DMM
  • Voltage 1020V
  • Current 20.5A
  • Options for oscilloscope and megohm meter calibration
  • Clamp meters calibration up to 1000A DC/AC (with Fluke 5500A/COIL)

8588A / 8558A 8.5 Digit Multimeter

  • Most stable digitizing multimeter
  • Calibrate wide range of process calibrators
  • Voltage accuracy of 2.7ppm
  • Current 30A
  • Industry's fastest DMM digitizing at 5mega-samples/S and up to 20MHz BW
  • Visual Connection Management and Intuitive color UI for trending, statistics, histogram and FFT

7526A Precision Process Calibrator

  • Sources and measures dc voltage, current, resistance
  • Measures and simulates RTDs and thermocouples
  • Measures pressure using Fluke 750 Series pressure modules
  • Includes 24 V dc loop power supply, automated switch-test function and measures 4 mA to 20 mA

5730A Multifunction Calibrator

  • The next generation high performance multifunction calibrator
  • Support instruments of up to 8.5 digits in measurement performance
  • Artifact Calibration permits the lowest cost of support and highest confidence in performance
  • 6.5 inch VGA capacitive touchscreen with full color graphical user interface Optional wideband outputs to 30 or 50 MHZ

6105A / 6100B Electrical Power Standards

  • 1φ/3φ Power calibration with voltage to
  • 1008 V and current to 21 amps, and
  • optionally up to 80 amps
  • Voltage and current accuracies better than 0.005 % (50 ppm)
  • Current to voltage phase accuracy of 0.003 °
  • Programmable harmonic distortion up to 100 harmonics
  • Includes other power quality testing phenomena as per IEC 61000 std

8808A Digital Multimeter

Versatile multimeter for manufacturing, development and service applications.

  • 5.5 digit resolution
  • Basic V dc accuracy of 0.015 %
  • Dual display, showing two different measurements at once
  • Ultra low-burden current measurement mode
  • Dedicated dc leakage current measurement
  • 2x4 ohms 4-wire measurement technique
  • Six dedicated buttons for fast access to instrument setups
  • Hi/Lo limit compare for Pass/Fail testing
  • Three-year warranty

8845A/8846A Precision Multimeter

Precision and versatility for bench or systems applications.

  • 6.5 digit resolution
  • Basic V dc accuracy of up to 0.0024 %
  • Dual display, showing two different measurements at once
  • 2 x 4 ohms 4-wire measurement technique
  • Both models measure frequency and period
  • 8846A also measures capacitance and temperature
  • Fluke 45 and Agilent 34401A emulation
  • Graphical display
  • Trendplot™ paperless recorder mode, statistics, histogram
  • CAT I 1000 V, CAT II 600 V
  • Three-year warranty

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